Web platform

Web platform

Intranet, extranet, connected space… At TheCodingMachine we believe that each company has a specific business problem for its activity.

Mobile application

Mobile application

Native, hybrid or Progressive Web App, we ensure your presence on smartphones, tablets and connected objects.



Institutional website or e-commerce, redesign or complete implementation… we support you in the development and deployment of your web strategy.


Need specific web tools that can evolve with your growth?


We understand and interpret your needs to provide you with the best of the features specific to your business.


A key success factor of your project, we work with you in workshops and go along with you to define your visual identity that suits you and will federate your visitors.


TheCodingMachine complies with the international standards defined by the W3C: Word Wide Web Consortium.

IT Security

Even if the use of the Framework covers most of the security risks, we guarantee the security of your data: separate application database, form protection, two-factor authentication…


Want to develop a project that requires technical and strategic support?

Digitalization of the Information System

TheCodingMachine has undeniable expertise in digital strategy. Our project managers are all experts in IT transformation: organization of flexible development cells, project scheduling, evolutions, and evaluation of technical choices.

Complex Architecture

At TheCodingMachine, we develop solutions specifically and adapt to your needs. From a monolithic project to an SOA/Micro Service architecture, we create the best tools that suits to your needs.

Project rescue

The accumulation of unmanaged risks can lead to a situation of failure and a total blockage of your project. Our audits of codes, performance or organization set up allow you to understand the origins of these slippages, find solutions and implement them.

Project Organization

The specifications define the functional, graphics and technical specifications of a project. Complex to write, it requires optimal precision on the upcoming project, combining technical and commercial needs. Experts in technological consulting, we support you in your reflection and drafting.

Experience, exchanges AND METHODOLOGIES.

MVP method

Depending on the project, we recommend adopting a minimum viable Product approach that consists in quickly developing the first solution with a minimum of features to quickly deploy the first solution. 

Thanks to workshops, we define these functionalities with you, then by capitalizing on the feedback from your users, we develop the solution to cover the entire scope of your project.

Package or Agile?

It all depends on your initial project, your needs, your teams and your business model! At TheCodingMachine, we adapt to your constraints by offering management or by hiring on a fixed price basis.

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