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Webpack has become major in JavaScripts complex projects !

Its main goal is to gather JavaScripts files to use them in a browser but also to transform, collect or bundle any kind of resources.

If you’re still not using it, call us !


PHP 7.4

Definitely the most used programming language on the web ! PHP has often been despised for its lack of structure because of the way it was developed, 100% by the community.

The last versions assure its security & speed. Especially its “shared-nothing” structure where every requests is processed individually. That makes it the ideal candidate for a serveless host.

The 7.4 version is planned for the end of 2019, and will provide a stricter typing for more security.



This open source programming language developed by Microsoft is designed to improve and secure JavaScript by using strict typing.

Microsoft recently published its priorities for the first semester of 2019 ; their main concerns are the improvement of the typing system of the programming language, the increase of productivity and quality of code writing.

We recommend to use TypeScript for any big front projects to benefit from the advantages of testability, continuous integration, ...


Natural Language Processing

AI, as a big player in the digital transformation of companies, has left an impressive mark in every field.

It used to be confined to a few specialists, analyzing solutions to decrypt sentences are now numerous.

It is finally possible to program chatbots without a PhD !

Read our white book on the subject

React Native & Flutter

These frameworks offered by Facebook and Google let you develop IOS & Android mobile apps in one language, Promising a user experience similar to native development.

These cross platform technologies let you keep high performance, costs optimization, maintenance & respect deadlines.

At TCM we are contributors of the open source community, find our React Native for beginners on ….

See the project Github


GraphQL is an open-source data query and manipulation language for APIS.

The protocol is as simple as REST and typed as SOAP. It allows the client to define dynamically the structure of the data required.

We love it at TCM ! We are preparing an open source library to use it easily !


Server-side rendering & Single Page Applications

Single Page applications have become common and give browsing fluidity on web applications.

Unfortunately indexation is not well done by search engines and stays focus on business applications.

Several Server-side Rendering solutions appeared to help the SEO of applications as Next.JS or Nuxt.JS, Angular Universal,,...

2019 will be the year of consolidation !



Developed by Google, TensorFlow is an open source machine learning library.

This software justifies itself the excitement about IA among coders, by giving the opportunity to learn complex algorithm.

The TensorFlow Dev Summit will take place next March, and will be full of updates !


Web Apps or PWA

Progressive Web Apps are supposed to be the next generation in the web !

They are taking the benefits of web browsers to offer the same experience, on a mobile device or on desktop. As a real alternative solution from apps, they combine web technologies and new offers by mobile devices.

Supported by Google, PWA’s compatibility accelerated and promises incredible perspectives for the years to come. That is why, we have a dedicated team working on this kind of project.

Read our White book on the subject


Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin aspires to become the alternative Java language by offering a simplified syntax with the exact same power.

Kotlin operates on JVM and is designed to interoperate with Java/J2EE. It is the only language, except for Java, able to compile Android Native apps.

Simultaneously, Kotlin also allows to create web applications (J2EE)



Back in the days, to develop in a browser, we used JavaScript. Nowadays, there is WASM, an extremely efficient machine language (Bytecode).

The ecosystem is growing, in 2019 we should see multiple languages compiling in WASM. That will open up new possibilities.

JS revolution is not over yet and a new one is already on the way for Front developers.



Kubernetes became THE solution in 2018 for Docker containers orchestration on all the servers (“Cluster”)

The Open source system disrupts the hosting by offering a standard way to manage the load test of applications.

In 2018, Red Hat, an American company, noticed that a lot of platforms, FaaS (Fonction-as-a-service) based on Kubernetes, were created. In 2019, a standardization will occur on the FaaS programing model on Kubernetes.



Created by Eva You in 2014, Vue.JS is a frontend framework. Fast and light, it lets you simplify the structure of Single Page applications

Thanks to its simplicity, it’s easy to implement in a project. It allows you to provide solutions in many standard issues : data stream between components, events communication and building tools.

It’s a serious competitor against React JS and Angular !


GitLab CI

Extremely powerful, OpenSource alternative to Github provides an implementation system and continuous deployment.

Tests automation, automated apps deployment, Gitlab mechanized the programming environment.

Gitlab updates its platform on the 22nd of every month.

As you know, at TheCodingMachine, we love technologies. This is why we cooked up cheat sheets for you to be unbeatable on 2019 technologies.

Here’s what you need to know : The new up and coming technologies; those we are starting to use, the others which are already mainstream, and the ones you definitely should use.

Don’t hesitate to share with us your forecast on the trends for the year to come. Enjoy !


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Serverless revolution is on ! Starting with Amazon Lambda ! Through their new hosting offer, we don’t pay by time consumption but by the number of executed requests. This automatic resizing host enables flexibility and less costs. In 2019, the new Runtime API opens Serverless to any languages. The ecosystem is building up !

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