Leader in firm-based day nurseries, Babilou offers childcare places everywhere in France and suppports families in their work/life balance.


In 2014, the Babilou group approachs TheCodingMachine to develop an innovative solution called BabiSerenity.
The purpose: offer a new subscription-styled insurance platform to give parents better controls over their cover. In case of a child feel seek, it provide domestic help and financial compensation for unused days of childcare.

How to develop a simple and ergonomic subscription platform to facilitate parents formalities ? 

Our working approach

To provide an easier manageability, we developed many features : emails and payments automation, online contracts management …

Technical Side 

Using technologies such as PHP, Gulp and Bower allowed a rationalisation of JavaScript.

Our homemade framework MOUF was useful for the structuring of the project and the implementation of the graphic interface.

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